Medical Secretary Resume

Medical secretaries are the same with the secretaries in other businesses performing clerical works and secretarial jobs but in addition to the normal functions, a medical secretary must have the knowledge on medical terms and procedures. This involves understanding of highly scientific and technical medical phrases including knowledge on laboratory equipments and procedures in addition to drug prescriptions and drug generic names. To have an edge in applying for the position of a secretary, it will be beneficial to emphasize vast experience plus special courses accomplished and certifications obtained. Though such certifications are not mandatory, it would be of the applicant’s advantage to acquire one for better chances of employment as well as high salary opportunities. fake mc malaysia

It is also essential for a secretary to possess superior communicating skills in both verbal and written communications. Primarily because her job entails over all coordination from entertaining patients and arranging checkup schedules, communicating with other health professionals as the immediate superior requires coordination with them, coordinating with laboratory personnel or technicians to follow up laboratory test results, supply necessary documents for insurance claims, etc. Secretaries should have excellent organizational skills multi tasking capabilities as required in keeping medical histories and records in an organized files and record indexes. A secretary must be proficient in computers as well as she will be required to make correspondences, referrals and medical certifications among others. At times, a secretary may be asked to perform other duty like transcribing findings, reports, histories, etc. as dictated by the physician into written documents. As such, a good listening skill is a must. Furthermore, a medical secretary must be service oriented as he/she actively find ways to help, assist and provide care to sick patients, co workers and other people outside the organization. Last but not the least, the medical secretary must love working with people and enjoy the clerical jobs that she is doing as what he/she feels inside will be reflected in the way he/she interacts with different kinds of people.


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