How to Play the Checki Game Know the Card Types

Nowadays, people try to gamble by playing more interesting cards such as uno rummy to fill their free time. But trying to go back to a time before technology invaded human life. This game is one of the games commonly played by Minang men. This black and white card game is thought to have originated from Chinese culture who live in the area around the Malacca Strait, Singapore and Malaysia. Then it spread widely under the Malay people, and reached Minangkabau.

The koa game can be played by 2 – 6 people. But diminag, usually played by 4 people. Divided into 2 teams and each team consists of two people, team members must be able to work together with their team, therefore team members usually choose people who really understand or are people who are close to them to be commanders. Because people usually know about coki.

In 1 game, 180 cards are used in 3 sets/play. 1 set of cards consists of 10 different types of cards. So in one game, there will be 30 types of cards. Each card has its own name. Therefore, the main thing you have to do to learn to play koa is to memorize the cards.

The name of this card must be memorized by each player, because the aim of this game is to collect cards of the same type. Team mates sit opposite each other. Then each person is dealt 11 cards. The first player draws 1 card from the middle card. Then throw away one of the cards while it is open. The second person can then choose, taking the first player’s bo slot discarded card or drawing from the center pile of cards.

The winner is the person who manages to collect three cards. Examples include cards such as mato kaki and chlorok. The three cards on the left are of the same suit and motif, called mato. The next 6 cards are of the same suit, called feet. The next two legs of the same type are called chlorok

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